Alex Racheotes


Alex Racheotes is a teacher of History, Government, and Social Sciences, as well as a frequent SAT/Test Prep Tutor.

Alex received his B.A. as a double major in history and government from Wesleyan University in Connecticut. While at The University of Maryland at College Park he received his Masters degree in government and politics and is currently working on his dissertation for his Ph.D. in political science. Alex has a long history of teaching and tutoring, helping to tutor his peers in both middle and high school math and English to serving as a writing tutor for upper level classes at Wesleyan University. He worked as a teaching assistant at The Johns Hopkins Summer Youth Program, has done SAT prep with high school students from Fairfield County, and most recently spent four years as a graduate teaching assistant as well as filling in for professors and lecturing for numerous college courses at U Maryland.

Alex’s love of humor and logic extends to his recreational time, where he is an avid player and amateur designer of tabletop games, ranging from the strategic to improv comedy. He is also a trained cellist and dilettante guitarist, and enjoys writing when the mood strikes him. He may someday even finish writing his political/fantasy thriller.

Alex teaches himself music by ear, whether on the cello or guitar, to the amusement/aggravation of those around him. He also plays the guitar like a cello, one note at a time, which works about as well as you’d expect.

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