Alec Simonsen

Homework Cafe

Alec is excited to join the fusion team in homework cafe and as a film studies teacher! A graduate of the University of Louisville in Kentucky, he received a B.A. in Spanish language and culture and studied fine art, film and gender studies. While pursuing his degree, Alec travelled abroad to Segovia, Spain for classes in Spanish art history. Back in the states, he volunteered for years as a tutor at latino child care centers as well as a spanish interpreter at a medical facility near the university. Meanwhile, he worked as a projectionist in an art museum cinema.

In his spare time, Alec enjoys writing, riding his bike, critiquing movies, cooking vegan food, and camping. Having only moved to Texas in late 2017, he still has a lot of terrain to hike, food trucks to visit, and roads to bike. The heat as taken a lot of getting used to, but he definitely doesn’t miss the snow.

He hopes to continue teaching film studies, eventually at a collegiate level. The combination of narrative, visuals and audio calls to his background in fine art and writing. He may just make a movie one day, though at the moment he prefers watching them.

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