Alain Bonus


Alain was born in Manila, Philippines and moved to the United States in 2001. He grew up in Southern California, attending Glendora High School, and graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Economics in 2014. Alain is passionate about music, entrepreneurship, and inspiring others to make the most of life.

He first discovered his passion for music when he learned how to play guitar and sing in middle school. His creative side in music has always been a hobby of his growing up, but is now currently his main focus. Along with music, Alain loves to play basketball, lift weights, develop websites, and learn/grow as an entrepreneur. He co-founded a tech startup called Pyur, which is like an “Uber” type service for on-demand, mobile car washes, which is to launch within the next couple of months. Him and his co-founder David have a vision to create companies that provide social value, the startup aims to donate 100% of its profits to fund clean drinking water initatives around the world.

His love for entrepreneurship and anything inspirational goes hand in hand. Every month, Alain gives a positive and inspirational talk to hundreds of youth and young adults at an event he co-organizes called AxisNights. When he’s not teaching Recording Arts, and Math at Fusion, most of his time is spent creating music, which he releases on his Facebook page that has amassed hundreds of thousands of views.

Alain has his vision set on pursuing his dreams and is a huge advocate for people to find and pursue their own. Alain is a very fun, positive, and charismatic person. He lives by his favorite quote, “Never look down on a man unless you’re picking him up.”

Alain’s mission in life is to cultivate and share his talents in hopes of providing value and inspiration to the world.

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