Aimee Howarth

Social Studies, Psychology, Life Skills, and Wellness

Aimee is a teacher/mentor in social studies, psychology, life skills, and wellness. Her education philosophy is strongly influenced by her background in mental health, ensuring most importantly that her students feel validated and supported while achieving their goals.

Aimee has over four years of experience working with adolescents in both academic and rehabilitation settings, specializing in self-esteem development, LGBTQ populations, eating disorders/addiction, and college prep. Aimee received her dual Master of Arts degrees in Counseling Psychology and Women’s Studies at Texas Woman’s University and her Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M University (WHOOP!)

Aimee loves all things Harry Potter (and played Quidditch in college), Parks and Rec, The Office, Pretty Little Liars (and other teen shows), Halloween, costume-themed, crochet, and anything musical, artistic, or crafty.

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