Bridget Berry


Bridget attended high school close by in McLean, VA, and studied secondary education and English at West Virginia University (Go Mountaineers)! After “fatefully stumbling upon” an open ESL teaching position in Spain, Bridget spent a year at the Universidad de Valladolid and eventually moved south to Madrid for another 18 months to continue teaching. Her students in Madrid presented various challenges, which allowed her to gain experience working with differentiating learning styles & teaching methods. Upon returning home, Bridget enrolled in a teaching certification program and was a student teacher at a local private school. She discovered Fusion Academy online and believes she shares the same ideologies as an educator, hoping to work with Fusion more & more as time goes on.

She tries to visit her friends in Europe as much as possible and has been “heavily debating between moving to New York City or LA” since she was in elementary school. In her spare time Bridget enjoys listening to music constantly, cooking, pretending to be a craft beer aficionado, learning about new things via Wikipedia until 3am, playing ukulele, and spending time with her family & friends.

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