Carlos Rosales

Studio Arts & Electives Department Head

As an art teacher at Fusion San Francisco, Carlos specializes in all forms of visual storytelling. He is a full scholar and an honors graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design where he received his BFA in illustration and design. With over ten years of classical training Carlos encourages his students to solve unique problems with innovative solutions.

His courses are designed for students interested in creative outlets to reinterpret the world around them. Through the process of production, reflection and critique students will gain the confidence to excel amid obstacles. These lessons cross pollinate within the various disciplines he teaches at Fusion: Advanced Studio Art, Graphic Design, Animation Production, Virtual Designer Art History, Digital Photography, Film & Media, Portfolio Development, Invention and Design, Wellness and Life Skills.


While growing up in Miami, the details of Carlos’ past are decorated with botanical gardens, exotic creatures and vibrant colors. These are only some characteristics that define his current aesthetic. When he is not in the class, you will probably find him beachside working in his sketchbook if he is not reading Isaac Asimov or Geoff Johns.

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