Zachary Baquet

Assistant Director

Zach is the Assistant Director here at Fusion Southlake.  He was one of the inaugural teachers on campus teaching Spanish, Math, and History. He earned his B.A. in Latin American Studies at Carleton College. Right after college, he went on to Indiana University to pursue a PhD in Anthropology and finish his mini-documentary on street performance as a social commentary on life in Andean city centers, but his heart always had other plans. From tutoring and teaching in Ecuador and Peru, to brokering a relationship between Indianapolis Upward Bound and Title XI centers at Indiana University, giving back and education have always been very important.

He started teaching Spanish and Calculus at his alma-mater located in the heart New Orleans. His passion for teaching has deep roots in the strong ties between education and building relationships, hence why Fusion has been such a great fit. In his free time, he loves to do absolutely everything with cars and visit family in New Orleans and Houston.