Sophie Lefens

English and History Teacher/Mentor

Sophie is an English, History and Life Skills teacher who has previously taught at the Fairfield, Connecticut Fusion campus. In 2019 she graduated with a Masters of Art in Religion from Yale University where she studied literature and theology. Before Fusion she taught persuasive and creative writing at Brigham Young University as a teaching fellow during her Masters of Fine Arts in Poetry. Sophie is an active writer with published poems, book reviews, short stories and essays in a variety of literary and art journals. She has also been the editor of two literary journals; Inscape and most recently, the chief editor of Letters Journal, the art magazine for Yale’s Institute of Sacred Music.

Originally from Chicago, she has recently moved to Texas with her husband who is finishing his PhD in music at UNT.

Sophie loves how Fusion gives her the opportunity to get to know students on a more meaningful level. She loves digging deep in class and watching students’ critical and creative minds come alive.

Sophie spends her free time biking, swimming, reading and sending real paper and stamp letters to her friends and family.