Joely Ramirez

Science Teacher/Mentor

Joely specializes in the whimsical craft of Science. Prior to joining Fusion, she worked as a public highschool teacher where she taught the science that stole her heart as a wilderness child…Biology. An inevitable outcome for a child who lived for climbing trees, jumping in swaps, and catching/releasing creatures of all capacities, right? Apparently this explains why she continues to discover “new” Disney princess movies every year that apparently are pegged as “old classics” by her friends. Hmmm.

An avid adventurer, it’s difficult for her to stay put as she can be described as a “wanderluster”. That’s partly due to having had a military upbringing in the Army, so she’s had the opportunity to live and travel across the USA, Europe, and eventually stumbling upon one of the most striking states à Texas. In dabbling with nature, traveling, and science, Joely fell head over heels in love with the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor (Go Cru!) where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Organismal Biology once the planets aligned. She was a very active member in many of the campus and outreach programs where she was granted the opportunity to lead a few community service driven organizations. She also spent the vast majority of her breaks traveling with missions or simply serving the local community with recovery projects. In attempts to tame the wanderlust lifestyle after UMHB, now Joely takes spontaneous trips throughout the year and a passport required endeavor once a year. She thrives on experiencing cultural immersion and on sharing her adventures of what the world encompasses with all who are curious. If you have ~2 hours to spare, ask her about her backpacking adventure in Cuba, Mexico, and Panama from last summer or the mission trip to Nicaragua the year before that.

With Puerto Rican blood and Spanish being her native language, Joely has always been and continues to be an ESL kid at heart. She can vividly recall the challenges of attempting to master a foreign language while simultaneously learning the content at hand. So, just like the challenges that students face at any school, she understands that sometimes there are barriers whether it be a mental, emotional, or physical disadvantages, and that it’s just a matter of finding the right tools with the right people to overcome them. Joely can tell you about her little successes, like being admitted into her dream medical school or finding her best companion in the form of a miniature pony dog, but she’d also love to share stories of the failures that were overcome to make room for finding happiness and identity in such a vastly changing world.