Dan Smith

Music and Math Teacher/Mentor

Dan teaches music here at Fusion Southlake. Dan earned his Bachelor's degree in Mathematics with minors in Statistics and Computer Science from John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio. During his time at JCU, Dan played guitar in the jazz band, took audio recording classes at Cleveland Institute of Music, taught guitar lessons, worked as an independent music producer, and played defense on the JCU lacrosse team.


Dan began playing the guitar at a very young age and has loved music ever since. He has played guitar, bass, and drums in bands of all different styles including jazz, blues, hip/hop, rock, folk, and alternative. He began his study of music production, audio recording, and audio engineering in high school and has since worked with artists in hip/hop, jazz, and classical genres. He most recently composed, performed, recorded, and produced the soundtrack for a PBS documentary.


In his free time, Dan enjoys watching sports, especially college basketball, spending time with friends and family, playing guitar, and producing new music.


Dan has been fortunate enough to learn from incredibly supportive teachers and mentors throughout his education. He is very excited to use his experiences to help students realize their passion and achieve their goals.