Amanda Guy

English and Electives Teacher/Mentor

Amanda is a certified 300 hour registered yoga teacher and earned her B.A. from the University of North Texas in Radio/Television/Film. At Fusion, she is a teacher and mentor in yoga and performing arts, including film production and theory, theatre, screenwriting, and digital photography. Shortly after graduating from college, Amanda moved to San Francisco where she immersed herself in the independent filmmaking community. She had a brief position as artist in residence at the San Francisco Film Collective. She started administrative work at MDT Agency in San Francisco and eventually became the agency’s first voiceover agent. Her greatest joy from this work came from coaching actors toward their best work, improving their skillset, working toward success in their career goals. She had been practicing yoga for several years and found that its benefits extended far beyond cultivating physical strength and flexibility. Yoga’s calming effects on the mind and its ability to bring a general sense of well-being kept her coming back to the mat.  In 2014, Amanda made the decision to move to Texas and pursue yoga teaching certification. She continues to produce documentaries for local artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs, believing in film’s power to connect people, build community awareness, and inspire others to produce their own creative work. Her goal for yoga is to create a safe environment where students can reduce anxiety and work toward physical fitness in a mindset of self-love. She believes in making a difference one student at a time. A group of knowledgeable, healthy individuals makes one awesomely compassionate community, and that is what she is thrilled to find at Fusion.