John Purpura

Teacher/ Mentor

John grew up in Cleveland, Ohio.  He earned a BS in Civil Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago in 2007.  After earning his degree, John moved to southern California where he worked for the County of Los Angeles in an engineering role for 6 years.  While working at the County of Los Angeles, John learned how to trade financial instruments.  Using his experience with this, he started trading financial instruments full time starting in 2013.  After a few years (and a brief period owning an empanada stand), John felt a need to do something different and more impactful.   Thus, in 2017, John volunteered with the Peace Corps to teach math and physics at a small Liberian public school.  During that time, John realized he had a love for teaching and decided to continue teaching upon his return to the United States.

John loves to bike and hike on his spare time.  He also loves to surf waves with anything, including boards, surf mats, and himself.  He also loves to travel, as he has been to every continent sans Antarctica.  During his travels, he has been in numerous environments, from Barrow, Alaska in January to the rainforests in Liberia and eastern Peru.