Vanessa Grand Nauman

Spanish & French Teacher/Mentor

Vanessa Grant-Nauman is a Spanish and French teacher and mentor at Fusion Academy. She graduated with her BA in Spanish and French Education, Language and Literature from the University of Illinois. Vanessa studied at the Sorbonne in Paris, and the University of Barcelona, and possesses her California Clear and CLAD credentials.

Vanessa’s parents were both born in Prague, and spoke Czech as her first language, thus loving the variety of people and cultures that surrounded her as she was growing up in the Chicago suburbs. Before she signed on at Fusion, Vanessa worked for Upward Bound, stayed at home while teaching her four children to read and write before entering public school, and later taught at Vista High, and Temecula Preparatory Schools. She lives in San Marcos with her husband. For fun, she likes to swim, hike, read, travel, spend time with her adult children, mentor younger women to reach their full potential, attend plays and musicals, play with her dogs, and try out new restaurants.