Jinnene Foster

Yoga/Wellness Teacher/Mentor

Jinnene Foster finds purpose in teaching concepts within realms of yoga, mindfulness, meditation, self-expression, and writing. Above all, her objective is to guide students toward pursuing a sense of empowerment in their own right, so that they may live out healthy choices.

After receiving a BA in mathematics from Michigan State University and working in the fields of engineering and advertising, Jinnene turned her career focus toward an inherent love for writing since childhood. As such, she completed a Master of Arts in Literary Journalism from DePaul University in Chicago and went on to teach argumentative and creative writing as an Adjunct instructor at various colleges around Chicago and Seattle.

Along the way, Jinnene was always drawn to yoga in some form and began a steady spiritual practice in 2002. Since relocating to Seattle in 2016 where she earned her RYT-200 with 8 Limbs Yoga Centers, she has built up business as a teacher around Seattle’s yoga community, bringing mindfulness concepts to all ages, including incarcerated youth with Yoga Behind Bars.

When Jinnene is not editing essays or teaching in a yoga space, she enjoys hiking at elevation, mountain biking, jamming on her guitar with other bluegrass musicians far better than her, cooking, and meditating.

One quirk of Jinnene’s is her relationship to curiosity. Certainly we cannot fully explain much of what happens within the human experience. But it is her great joy to see students, along their learning journey, pipe up with the question: “Why?”