A Program Personalized for Your Child

Whether you are looking for a new middle or high school for your child or are just looking to supplement their education, we have options for you. Our classes are one-to-one (one student and one teacher per classroom) and personalized for student strengths, interests, and learning preferences. Schedules are customized and homework can be completed at school in our Homework Café. We’re ready to customize a program just for you and your family.

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Safe School

Our one-to-one approach allows us to be the safest and most flexible option for this school year. We can personalize your child’s school experience with our ability to quickly switch between or combine in-person learning and live, one-to-one online classes. Our campuses are smaller than large traditional schools, allowing for a safer environment.

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Transferring to Fusion

We work with families to make the transition to Fusion Academy as easy as possible. Fusion meets students where they are and creates an educational plan tailored to your needs and goals. Rolling enrollment means we can accept students at any time of the year, even mid-semester. We understand changing schools is a big decision and are here to walk with you through each step of the process.

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Student Testimonials

“Fusion Academy is by far the most engaging schooling experience someone could ask for. Traditional schools private or public will let you get by with no effort or motivation. Fusion will even help with continuing your education and move on to college. Which is a big leap for someone like me, who before coming to Fusion didn’t even have the motivation to push through high school. The things I was able to accomplish in that unique learning environment helped me realize that I could really do whatever I wanted. I could not be where I am today without the kind teachers of Fusion.” – Harrison M.

“Fusion Academy is by far the best school I have attended. Fusion makes learning enjoyable and fun! I haven’t always been a ‘school person’ but Fusion makes it so that I can learn and understand by tending to my specific learning needs. No matter if you are a hands on, visual, or an auditory learner, Fusion has made it their mission to help me reach my educational goals. No matter what type of teacher I have had at Fusion, they have always treated me with respect, kindness, and tough love! I am happy to be a part of a school that I can call a family!” – Ajanay L. Fusion Student

“Ever since I have come to Fusion I have bettered my health. Fusion has given me so much confidence that I feel more comfortable with myself. My teachers have shown me that I am capable of doing things that I never thought I would be able to do. With the classes being one-to-one the teachers allow me to focus on my passions and it energizes me to complete my work.” – Shawn O., Fusion Student

Parent Promise

Enroll with Confidence!

We know switching schools is a tough decision. For new full-time students, we offer The Parent Promise: if you are not satisfied with your student’s improvement at Fusion during their first 30-days of attending classes, we will fully refund your tuition for that period.

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