David Yu


Born in the politically debated island of Formosa, David immigrated to The States to become a splendid teacher in the math and sciences. David graduated from Columbia with a Master of Science degree in math education. David has been working in education for seven plus years to date. His last post was at Kent Middle School helping students with special academic needs. In his spare time away from teaching, David loves to listen to Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars, because that is how he feels about his wonderful wife Shirley. David cannot live without air, water, and the occasional human food supplement from Wendy’s. It is also rumored that David can smell the change of seasons with just a whiff of outdoor air. Speaking of the outdoors, David loves Muir Woods because he thinks it is cool there, both metaphorically and physically. He recommends wearing something warm when visiting Muir Woods and be on the lookout for the Lorax!