Andrew Reyes

Humanities Teacher/Mentor

Andrew is a teacher of humanities, which mostly consists in recognizing a lack of understanding of humanity. He tries to grasp onto knowledge through the languages and literatures that he teaches from (English, Spanish, French, Latin), yet finds that words, despite their flowering meanings, always fall short of something more central. He studied languages, literatures, and the structure of thought and logic as a Comparative Literature and Philosophy major at UC Berkeley. After graduating, he taught test prep in southern California before moving back up to the Bay and landing at Fusion. He has been tutoring in these fields for a living since 2009, which explains his hobbies of reading and studying (in Latin, the word studium means “pursuit,” so he is always pursuing more understanding); hiking, yoga, and music also fall into his spare time—that is, when time is harmonious enough to find silence.

Fun Fact: If you ask him nicely, Andrew will recite Shakespeare for you.