Rebecca Taggart

Math & Science Teacher/Mentor

Rebecca decided to become a chemist at age 10 after getting a chemistry set for her birthday. A native Californian, she studied Chemistry at Colorado College, graduating with honors. She spent a year in Germany on a Fulbright Fellowship, studying trans boundary air pollution before earning her M.S. in Analytical Chemistry at Drexel University. She has worked as an environmental scientist at the EPA, and as a U.S. Foreign Service Economic Officer (i.e. diplomat) in Prague and Washington, D.C. She and her husband moved back to the Bay Area to raise their two daughters. Rebecca loves sharing her passion for Chemistry and Math with students, especially those who are not naturally drawn to the subjects. When not teaching, Rebecca loves hiking, swimming, Iyengar yoga, biking, playing with the family’s dog and house rabbit, and loving her girls and husband. Little known fact: she produced a documentary film screened at the Sundance Film Festival.