Madoka Hara

Yoga Teacher/ Mentor

Madoka is the Yoga and Mindfulness teacher/mentor at Fusion Academy SF. Prior to discovering Fusion, Madoka served as the Director of a local nonprofit that brought yoga and mindfulness education to under-served teens in the Bay Area.  Madoka is specifically trained in the field of trauma-informed yoga as wells as yoga and mindfulness education for youth. She is certified through various institutions including: Niroga Institute, Prison Yoga Project, RISE Yoga for Youth and Yoga to the People. Madoka practices and teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Daoist and Restorative yoga.  She was originally introduced to yoga when she was 15, and the practice continued to be an essential part of her life since then. She is excited to share her passion for compassionate healing and self empowerment with her students here at Fusion.

Raised mostly in Japan and parts of Europe, Madoka is fueled by her love for travel, music, color-mixing, yoga and animals (she is a proud bunny mom!) Nature is her most admired friend and mentor. She enjoys tree climbing, backpacking, painting, dancing (West African Dance & Hula), snowboarding and watching ocean sunsets. Other classes taught by Madoka at Fusion include: Health, Wellness and Life Skills.