Krastina Beck

Math & Science Teacher/Mentor

Krastina has always been a hybrid of a scientist and a teacher. During her time as a chemistry undergrad at Caltech, she loved doing research, but also serving as a teaching assistant for undergraduate classes. Upon completion of her bachelor’s degree, Krastina pursued a master’s degree in organic chemistry at UCLA, continuing to teach, both graduate and undergraduate classes. She went on to become a high school chemistry teacher through the Teach for America Program for several years, followed by jobs as a chemist in the areas of radiopharmaceuticals and hematology. Upon being introduced to the concept of Fusion, she quickly fell in love! She wishes she could go back in time and attend Fusion as a student, but since she can’t, she decided to do the next best thing and become a teacher here.

Besides reciting the periodic table, Krastina enjoys everything outdoors! On a sunny weekend, you’ll find her camping, hiking, running on trails, or rock climbing. On a cloudy day, she is probably reading a science fiction book, listening to podcasts (Adventure Time!), or playing board games with friends.