Jason Robert Lobaton

English Teacher/Mentor

Jason teaches English and writing here at Fusion Academy. He graduated with a degree in Communications at the University of the Philippines. His first experience in education was as a volunteer teacher at an orphanage called Safe Harbor International Philippines. After that, he had experience with  tutoring and teaching English at private schools.

As a teacher, he strongly believes that with the right tools, any student can reach his or her full potential. As such, he employs a slew of visual organizers that help students understand a variety of topics including, absurdism, bildungsroman, irony, satire, and technical writing.

In his free time, he enjoys curling up inside his own head as he figures out his thoughts and overanalyzes the world. He is also a big fan of Dolly Parton whom he believes to be the ultimate incarnation of beauty, strength and kindness.