Nadia Viscuso


Nadia Viscuso has taught science, math, and literacy across the globe – from Kenya to Thailand to the United States – and is excited to bring her passion and experience to Fusion Academy San Diego! Having returned from three months studying elephants in Northern Thailand, she now teaches students in a variety of Math and Science courses. Nadia attended Duke University, where she earned a B.S. degree in Biology, with a concentration in Animal Behavior, as well as a minor in Education. She is currently pursuing her life dream of becoming the hybrid of Jane Goodall and Steve Irwin, and currently volunteers at the San Diego Zoo to teach kids about elephant conservation.

Nadia moved to San Diego a year ago, chasing great weather and good vibes, to find out which coast is truly the “best coast.” So far, she’s very impressed with what Southern California has shown her. She is a sunshine enthusiast, loves hiking and running, and will usually be found dancing, inhaling acai bowls, or avoiding writing bios about herself.