Schooling vs. Learning: Schooling as if Learning Mattered

Schooling vs. Learning: Schooling as if Learning Mattered

Academic research on the science of how we learn has yielded more insights in the last two decades than ever before, yet most of it is unused by our school system. What does research reveal about how students learn vs how they should learn to optimize the process? Uncover the scientific principles that underpin student learning success. A students success in life after school will be greatly dependent on their ability to become independent lifelong learners. To what extent are schools focusing their efforts accordingly? With a plethora of private learning programs claiming to fill the gaps left by school systems (failing to adequately address learning differences and/or target cognition to improve learning), how do you audit which programs work and why?

Join us for a complimentary lunch while the Founder of COGx Javier Arguello, engages in an interactive discussion and informed presentation to answer these questions and more.

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Jul 19 2019


11:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Farmer & The Seahorse
San Diego, CA

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