Mia McGraw

Science and Electives Teacher-Mentor

I have been a teacher ever since my younger siblings entered my world. Second eldest of seven, I’ve helped all of my brothers and sisters with various science projects, research papers, and most importantly, study habits. When I left home to attend The University of North Carolina, I was able to get a deeper comprehension of the Psychology of Learning: multiple intelligences, animal cognition, and the specific neurotransmitters that motivate us.

Since then, I have been working at various posts around the world; including the Philippines, where I trained new hires at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). After that, I taught math and science for Fusion Academy at another campus near Los Angeles for a year–and loved it! Then, I crossed over again to live in Switzerland and to continue my work training service animals.

Now, back in my hometown, I am stoked to see Fusion has crossed the country and come to the D.C. area! It is incredibly exciting too, once again, to have the opportunity to inspire students to explore their world!