Estefani Rondon

Director of Student Development

Estefani Rondon, Director of Student of Development, is dedicated to connecting and guiding students and their families through the alternative learning experience.

As a graduate of an alternative high school program, she understands that there are many approaches to learning. She is passionate about creating a space where students can tap into their inner genius and leave everyday feeling inspired.

Estefani holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Trinity Washington University where she continued her studies in the School of Professional Studies Graduate School focusing on International Security Studies as part of the Intelligence Security Scholars program. A true lover of learning, she has also attended several study abroad programs in Brazil, Belgium, and Japan focusing on economics, art and meditation and is a certified bilingual crisis counselor.

Estefani has over a decade of experience in youth development and college access programing. She has served in a wide range of roles from a homeschool teacher to a Director of Admissions at a private liberal arts college.

Outside of working with students, Estefani enjoys hiking and biking adventures with her husband and their two dogs. In the winter, she can be found hitting the slopes or exploring a new country on a longboard.

Estefani believes the best part of the day is at 4am and has dedicated her routine to spend a few hours to herself while the rest of the world sleeps. Sometimes this time is used to practice yoga or teach herself 90’s songs on the ukulele.