Brennan Fullagar

English & Art Teacher/Mentor

Brennan is an artist in a multitude of mediums raised by teachers, trained as a therapist, living the life of a mentor. Being the second oldest amongst six brothers, especially with three teenagers, this type of modeling and mentorship has become second nature to Brennan. Hailing from North Carolina, he graduated with a baccalaureate degree in Psychology while minoring in English at UNC-Charlotte. After discovering music therapy and the rest of the expressive arts therapies, Brennan left NC to enter the best program of its kind at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This past spring, he graduated from this program with a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in Expressive Arts Therapy and he has been working for the past year at a local private practice as an extern therapist with a wide range of clientele – everything from a group of 5-year-olds developing social skills to individuals on the spectrum preparing to graduate from college.

Brennan looks forward to utilizing his specialized knowledge and training to guide students through their various personal and academic trials and tribulations in a holistic multifaceted approach that fosters curiosity, imagination, and independent critical thinking.