High School Summer Bucket List

Summer is a great time to cross some items off your bucket list. We’ve compiled some things you can do this summer and ways Fusion can help you accomplish them!

Learn a New Language

Not only are world languages a requirement for graduation, but knowing another language is a great skill to have for the future. At Fusion, we offer nine languages in a personalized, one-to-one environment:

  • •  American Sign Language (ASL)
  • •  French
  • •  German
  • •  Hebrew
  • •  Italian
  • •  Japanese
  • •  Latin
  • •  Mandarin
  • •  Spanish

Click here to learn more about all our world language offerings.

Record an Album or Pick Up an Instrument

Do you dream of sharing your music with the world? You can work with a teacher one-to-one in a professional-grade music studio to record your first album. Our campuses have state-of-the-art recording equipment, and our teachers are experts in their craft. This summer, we’re offering a music production experience and classes for credit (at 20% off tuition between May 15 and August 1) in music production.

Or, if you’re not a rockstar just yet, but want to try something new, we have introductory classes in guitar, bass, piano, DJ performing arts, and more. Check out all our visual and performing arts classes here.

Design a Video Game

Get in the game and design your own with our Game Design experience this summer. You’ll work with a teacher to learn what makes a video game great and build a framework for a game of your own. You’ll focus on the technical aspects as well as the art of storytelling. Click here to get started.

Get Ready for College

Wherever you are in the process of planning for life after high school, it’s a great time to dig in and make progress. It can be overwhelming to decide what to do for your future, which is why we have post-secondary counselors who can help. We have one-to-one counseling sessions that can cover anything and everything for planning your life after high school.

This summer, we’re also offering seven unique College Admissions Camps:

» Introduction to College and Post-Secondary Counseling

» Extracurriculars and Resume Building

» Test Prep 101

» Crush Your College Interview!

» Finding the Right College Fit

» Gap Years 101

» College Essay Writing Bootcamp

Click here to see all the options and the suggested grade level for each.

Put Together Your Art Portfolio

If you’re thinking about pursuing an art school or career after high school, you’ll need to put together your portfolio. Work with one of our experienced art teachers in a personalized environment to showcase your creativity. Click here for our creative arts summer tutoring offerings.

Start a Business (or Just Make a Business Plan)

We’ve got a couple of different options for students who are eager to dive into the business world.

Future CEO 101: work with a teacher and learn about entrepreneurship, financial literacy, marketing, accounting, and more.

Business Entrepreneurship: Students will be equipped with the fundamental prerequisites of formulating a business plan in addition to executing business ideas if they take this class for elective credit.

We also offer Social Entrepreneurship, Economics, Business Math, Speech, and more to help you prepare for your future. See all our classes here.

Get Outside and Attend a Summer Camp

Don’t miss the opportunity to have a great summer camp experience before you graduate. It’s a great way to get away for a while, meet new friends, and have new experiences. Click here for a list of the best teen summer camps for 2021.


Now that things are beginning to safely open up, it’s a great time to travel. See the world or just visit some new places in your neighborhood. Wherever you go this summer, Fusion can support you virtually.

If you want to learn more about Fusion, connect with us using the form below.

Have a great summer!