Fusion Academy Minneapolis Kicks Off Year with Kindness Campaign

(Minneapolis, January 24, 2022) Love. Motivate. Teach. Three words that embody Fusion Academy’s approach to learning will guide community outreach efforts for its newest school in Edina as it announces a nine-month campaign to pay it forward.

“Our doors are open to our students and families and our greater community,” said Fusion Academy Minneapolis Head of School Meghan Bennett. “Our Kindness Campaign will spread love and gratitude at the national, community, and individual level and we welcome community partners to join us.”

Fusion Academy promotes what it calls EPIC! Values. The acronym stands for excellence, passion, innovation and courage. The exclamation point emphasizes the importance of the stated values. In that vein, Fusion Academy Minneapolis, which opened its doors January 10, is looking for community partners to join its upcoming kindness events, which include:

  • Kindness Cards: Fusion Academy Minneapolis will partner with local schools to create kindness cards for U.S. Military & First Responders. Fusion will host “Cards and Coffee” events on Valentine’s Day and February 14 and February 25. Because Valentine’s Day is not the only day, we want to express love and gratitude to our veterans, Fusion will ship the students works out in mid- March in partnership with Operation Gratitude. Sign up information can be found here.
  • Community Kindness: COVID has heightened our awareness of social and emotional health and many students have struggled. Fusion Academy Minneapolis will partner with Hope House, a safe place for Twin Cities’ youth experiencing crisis. Fusion is seeking partners for the events and expects to finalize plans in March. Please email Linda Roslansky at lroslansky@fusionacademy.com.
  • EPIC! Kindness: Fusion Academy Minneapolis invites families and community members to spend some time this summer learning about compassion and self-love at two events. August 1 Fusion will host community education night where participants will receive journals, resources, and hear from a guest speaker discuss what “self-love” looks like through the lens of self-compassion/kindness. On September 19 Fusion will host a follow-up reflection day with a celebration where participants will share how their self-love and kindness journey progressed. Please email Linda Roslansky at lroslansky@fusionacademy.com.

Fusion Academy Minneapolis is the 64th campus of the national education provider. Founded in San Diego, California in 1989, Fusion Academy’s approach to learning is grounded in its one-to-one model of one teacher to one student, with different teachers for different classes. Fusion Academy is the largest network of accredited middle and high schools operated by Fusion Education Group. Fusion Academy Minneapolis is the national education company’s 64th campus and its first in Minnesota. The accredited middle and high school is located at 7550 France Avenue, Suite 130, Edina.

Fusion’s model of tailoring students’ learning journeys according to their strengths and learning preferences ensures students master subjects at their own pace. Fusion works with students in three key areas to help them develop the self-determination they need to be successful adults in society, these areas include self-confidence, self-advocacy, and goal setting. This approach better prepares students academically, socially, and emotionally for their future.


About Fusion Academy: 

Fusion Academy’s Minneapolis is one of more than 60 schools serving grades 6 through 12 that provide quality individualized education. Fusion Academy is part of Fusion Education Group an organization committed to providing accredited personalized education and includes Futures Academy, that offers one-to-one and small group instruction at 15 California campuses, Barnstable which offers traditional college-prep in a small school setting in New Jersey, and Fusion Global Academy which offers one-to-one personalized education for middle and high school students through a completely virtual campus that currently serves students in 18 countries. Learn more about Fusion Minneapolis here.