Nicole Gonzalez


After four years of balancing college studies and full-time work, Nicole received her Business Management degree from Rowan University. After graduation, Nicole took time to travel the world and has backpacked through almost 40 countries! During her travels, she met people from around the world, blogged about her experiences, and spent time writing fantasy novels – a personal passion of hers.

Nicole has been with Fusion on and off for two and a half years where she has played many intricate roles on the team. Nicole was originally hired as an English teacher where she then transitioned into the Director of First Impressions. After taking more time to travel and help people improve their English speaking skills in Asia and Africa, she returned home as an English teacher once more. Nicole also offers the student’s guidance and homework aid as a teacher in the Homework Café. Nicole has a strong passion for working with children and watching their minds develop.

Fun fact! Nicole enjoys the outdoors, so she loves to spend her free time running and hiking. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and their beautiful golden retriever named Charles!