Post-Secondary Counseling Pricing & Packages

When you initially connect with us, we’ll work together to make a customized plan that will help your student achieve their goals. Sessions are one-to-one so students work with their counselor to personalize their plans for the future.

We focus our counseling on what fits the student at the stage of life they are in. See our options below for what your student might cover at different points of their education journey.


  • School selection help
  • Scholarship and financial aid support
  • Support and review for up to 15 applications
  • Help with essay writing and personal statement
  • Extracurricular and activity list creation
  • Letter of recommendation support
  • In-person interview preparation


  • Course selection
  • Schedule examination
  • School exploration
  • Recommendation guidance
  • Interest, major, and program exploration
  • Executive functioning/soft skill development
  • School break planning support
  • Resume creation
  • Summer program applications/support
  • College prep timeline review
  • SAT and ACT testing timeline and practice test support
  • Testing accommodations support if needed

Other Grades:

  • We can support with programming for Freshmen and Sophomores who would like to get an
    early start

We offer multiple options for session packages to set your child up for success.

Price Range (cost varies by campus)
5 session package
10 session package
20 session package
Comprehensive package

What does comprehensive mean?

For a full A-Z experience, our counselors can be a concierge for you in the college search process. This package includes your regularly-scheduled face-to-face meetings (in-person or virtually), but also includes a number of hours that the counselors dedicate to working on your behalf. This can include, but is not limited to: college research and tour plans, essay edits, application support, scholarship search and support, letter of recommendation writing, and more.

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