Leigh Barnes


After graduating High School in Southern California, Leigh Barnes set out to explore her educational path while traveling the globe as much as possible. For about a decade or so, Leigh worked toward her M.A. in History and managed to visit several countries where she savored her time learning about various cultures, as well as the FOOD!  Once finished with her degree from Colorado State University, she settled into a career as a full-time historical educator at a local history museum in Colorado.

Leigh has been blessed with three beautiful children and a loving husband who became her sole focus for a number of years as a stay-at-home mom. In 2014 the family decided to move from their cozy nest in Colorado and make California their home once again, where her husband pursued his M.A. and Leigh continued her teaching career at the Mission Viejo Fusion Campus. Upon her husband’s graduation, he was offered a job in Frisco, TX, so the family packed up for their next adventure and Leigh was lucky enough to transfer to the Plano Fusion Campus!  Leigh attributes finding her way to Fusion by following her heart at every step.  Just like all the other great loves in her life, she just knew it was the right choice to put her heart into when she found it.