Robert Russell

Teacher/Mentor, Science Dept. Head

Although he just recently returned to the U.S., after being gone for well over a decade, Rob is a Southern California native, from Los Angeles. A graduate of U.C. Davis, and having worked in the biomedical field for several years, Rob decided to share his love of science with learners across the globe, and became a middle school and high school teacher at several international and bilingual schools in Southeast Asia, for nearly 14 years.

While keeping a full teaching load and raising an adopted daughter, Rob completed his Master’s Degree in Education at Webster University, fine-tuning his teaching expertise of ESL, EFL, and EAL learners, as well as studying curriculum and classroom design. His experience has cultivated a passion for designing custom lessons and activities, ensuring that all learners attain not only mastery of STEM subjects and English, but also a love and thirst for learning as well.

When Rob is not in the classroom, he loves taking long walks and hikes with his dogs, camping, geocaching and exploring the outdoors. While being a science geek, he also loves technology, and strives to implement the latest tech in his lessons. Rob is a fun and approachable guy, who loves to talk, and share ideas. When you see him around, be sure to say hello, and don’t be shy to ask your toughest science and math questions!