Richard Malena-Webber


Richard has been teaching advanced math and science both in Los Angeles, California and Portland, Oregon for more than ten years. After getting his B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Oregon, Richard hoped to share his own love for the subject with others by showing so much more than how to solve for X or take a test. Instead, Richard focused on teaching the basics of logic and reasoning through discussion, art, games, experiments, and inquiry. In his career, Richard has received commendations for excellence from Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Portland State University.

Richard first found the teaching bug at summer camps at the age of fourteen. He’s spent more than two full years leading campers through classes on wilderness survival, astronomy, backpacking, canoeing, and environmental science in the wilds of both Oregon and South Carolina.

Outside of teaching, Richard is an academic, game editor and developer, puzzle designer, presenter, and podcaster, spreading his love of math and games as widely as possible. He can often be found playing and playtesting board games, writing puzzles for video games and TV,  or speaking about game theory at conventions around the country.