Neal Soldofsky


Neal Soldofsky became a history major because he was interested in pretty much everything in the world, and history is the only subject that lets you study everything. For instance, you can study what science fiction and fantasy stories can tell you about change in society. That's something Neal has done. He wrote a paper about Conan the Barbarian. Seriously. Conan! History is the ultimate subject, and therefore Neal is the ultimate teacher. He is the Conan the Barbarian of teachers. Other teachers at Fusion Academy cower before him. Ask anyone.

He earned his BA in history at San Jose State University, but took as many classes outside of his major as he could. He has worked as an English tutor, a teacher at an after school program, and as a professional writer. His work frequently appeared in newspapers such as The Metro, The East Bay Express, and The Santa Cruz Weekly. He interviewed authors, reviewed books, and above all, covered the world of video games. But he discovered that working with young people was way more fun and rewarding than anything he'd ever done in the newspaper world. More fun than visiting indie game companies. More rewarding than interviewing two of his all-time favorite writers.