Moriah V.


Moriah is an English/History Mentor who works on bringing stories of the past to life with her students. She would be the one you would ask if you wanted some fun facts on social studies – ranging from historical fashions to foods. She achieved her studies right here in the Bay Area, where spent seemingly-endless nights with gallons of coffee to get those tales and names of the past fervently glued to her mind. Moriah began her love for teaching by volunteering shortly at a local preschool, where she enjoyed helping pre-k students create their foundational learning standards. Further, she tries to be outdoorsy, but can usually be found curled up watching or reading historical fiction. She enjoys visiting historic houses, smelling flowers, pretending to be a ballerina and obsessing over vintage fashions. She also practices Spanish everyday, as she loves learning about her culture and widening her means of communication. Moriah makes her best effort to be graceful as a delicate as a rose, but can be extremely clumsy. She has broken TWELVE phones in her life. She is known for dropping things. She often trips, and gets things caught in her hair as well (flames, for instance). She blames it on the caffeine.