Luis Galvez

Math & Science Department Head

Luis came to the United States from Mexico, when he was only four and has worked hard to make his dad and brother proud. He graduated from the University of California, Merced with a B.S. in Applied Mathematics with an emphasis in Economics. He has a passion for all things science and welcomes any conversation on the topic. The love for science came, partly from his own curiosity, but also from being part of an engineering team in high school that won a competition hosted by Intel and the Sacramento Kings. He is striving to become a research professor at a university so that he can pass on his knowledge and curiosity of the world to the next generations and to add his contribution to our understanding of the universe. He enjoys all types of sports but soccer and kick boxing have a special place in his heart. In his down time he likes to stay on top of any interesting new developments at the cutting edge of science, playing video games and his favorite hobby of all -- cooking!