Elliot Young


Elliot was born in Mountain View, California and has lived his entire life in the bay area. From a young age, Elliot has shown a strong affinity for computers and electronics. He would often spend hours on the computer playing his favorite games or browsing the early websites on the internet. He has also shown interest in drawing and computer animation using Adobe Flash. In his formative years, he would often find new ways to make his friends laugh and loved expressing himself through words and pantomime. His expressive personality is a significant part of his teaching style as well.

During college, Elliot discovered his passion for teaching while tutoring friends and peers for various classes. Elliot wholeheartedly believes that teaching is the single best way to learn anything; thinking of how to teach anything is the first final step towards complete understanding of it. After a short period of work as a software developer, Elliot decided that teaching was the most enjoyable aspect of his job and came to Fusion. He is always excited to talk to any student interested in learning programming, math, science or any subject that he is familiar with.