Douglas Hirschman


Douglas Hirschman teaches History, English, and Latin at Fusion Academy - Palo Alto.  Born and raised in Oakland, he had a passion for History from an early age.  With both boundless curiosity and a seemingly encyclopedic memory, he absorbed as much as he could about the minute details of the subject.  While attending the University of San Francisco for his Bachelor of Arts degree, he completed his language requirement with a study of Latin, providing him with a chance to dive deep into the story of Rome.  In this kind of enriching academic environment, he wrote papers on topics as varied as the Chinese Exclusion Act, the Ottoman Empire, and the fall of France in the Second World War, along with a senior thesis on Arthurian mythology and its role in British history.

After graduating from USF magna cum laude with a European and Islamic History major, Douglas taught for nearly three years at Lydian Academy in Menlo Park.  Working as a Humanities teacher, while also being the school’s only Latin instructor, he was able to use his knowledge for the benefit of his students while also further developing his experience in education.  Having recently arrived in Palo Alto, he is eager to do the same for kids here.

Away from his academic work, Douglas enjoys cooking, reading comics, watching sci-fi, and following sports like baseball and soccer.  And of course, reading whatever new History book he can get his hands on.