Amasa Warner

Spanish & Visual Art Teacher/Mentor

Amasa is ecstatic to be joining Fusion as a teacher of Spanish and Visual Art.  He comes to Fusion with previous teaching experience in both public and private schools, having pursued a path in educational work to make profound connections with students and inspire lifelong learning.  Amasa believes in the power of curiosity and has yet to meet a cat harmed by its resonant force.


A Bay Area native, Amasa grew up on the Peninsula and later attended UC-Santa Cruz, where he received his BA in Art, driven to the field as a means of channeling a background diverse in intellectual and material explorations.  Within Art, he is particularly interested in multimedia installations and interactive sculptures that cultivate public participation, speculative dialogue and social change. At Fusion, he couldn’t be happier facilitating students’ growth in the visual arts with an emphasis on interdisciplinary mindset and research, as well as out-of-the-box materials and processes investigation.


Amasa is also an avid traveler with a deep affinity for Latin America.  Passionate about the Spanish language, he aims to foster real-life applications of the language that give power and purpose to Spanish outside of the classroom walls.  Intrinsic as well to his fascination with languages is a dedication to his native English tongue and a myriad of literary genres within, particularly ethnography and creative non-fiction.  When not working with students at Fusion, you can find Amasa journeying outdoors with his partner and two dogs, tuning retro bicycles, watching documentaries, reading or tracking down recycled materials for art projects.