EVENT - Lunch n’ Learn about Executive Functioning with Therapist Vinita Patel

10/26/2018 12:00 pm – 01:30 pm | Campus Events

Fusion Evanston invites you to attend our Lunch & Learn with Therapist Vinita Patel on Executive Functioning.   Learn about these necessary skills and how we can support our kids with Executive Functioning challenges.

In this presentation attendees will learn the following:

1) What are Executive Functioning (EF) skills?  What are the various aspects of EFs?

2) How does EF develop through developmental stages – from early grades through eighth grade?

3) What do EF difficulties look like?  Specific problematic behavioral examples of EF.
4) How do I know if my child has EF challenges? 
5) EF strategies that work!  What can students/parents do at home and school to manage/improve EF problems?  

About the Speaker: Vinita Patel is a Licensed School Psychologist whose private practice is located in Northfield, a North Shore suburb of Chicago. Her specialty is working with school-aged students who are experiencing academic challenges, primarily those with executive functioning concerns, and are in need of learning support. Additionally, Dr. Patel conducts cognitive, learning, and academic educational assessments. She collaborates with school teams and families to assure that the student is reaching their maximum potential.

Event Location:
Fusion Academy Evanston
847 Chicago Ave, Suite 200,
Evanston, IL 60202

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