EVENT - Growth Personality Mindset: Positioning your child to thrive!

4/26/2018 7:00 pm – 08:30 pm | Campus Events

Fusion Academy Princeton is excited to host Dr. Marc Celentana who will be speaking about Growth Personality Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset and the relationship to one’s ability to thrive in life.

Description: Mindsets are core constructs about the malleability of one’s personality traits. They are invaluable to help shape our judgments and reactions to life events and others’ behavior. Studies suggest that adolescents who believe people’s traits are fixed and unchangeable—that is, who have a fixed mindset —are more likely than others to show helpless responses to social stress and higher levels of mental health problems, including anxiety and depression. However, when adolescents are convinced that people’s traits have the potential to change—that is, when they adopt a growth mindset — they are less likely to show helplessness in response to social setbacks.

When adolescents experience uncertainty about their ability to control present and future events, it is likely that anxiety will be the resulting emotional state. When perceived control decreases further, the adolescent is prone to grow hopeless, leading to depression. This presentation will connect the two established and common risk factors for internalizing difficulties in adolescents, prolonged stress response and loss of perceived control, with development of growth personality mindset interventions to improve perceived behavioral and emotional control. You will learn how growth personality mindset interventions can improve your adolescent’s recovery following social stress, as well as their academic and extracurricular performance over the course of a school year. Parents will leave the presentation having learned specific and easily implementable approaches to encourage adoption of a growth personality mindset.

Professional biography
Marc Celentana, PhD

Achieving life satisfaction and sustainable happiness occurs when people operate in their zone of peak performance. Much has been made of research and practice touting the newest technique to achieve this end; however, it is not one specific effort but that point where one develops profound personal insights combined with the inspiration to take calculated risks that change truly occurs. As founder and principal of Pennington, NJ based Propel + Excel, LLC, Dr. Marc Celentana’s passion is to serve as a trusted advisor to students, families, professionals, teams, and organizations seeking the intersection of insight and inspiration.

Propel + Excel holds as fundamental to its mission keen focus on accentuating the strengths of people while providing constructive alternatives to achieve desired performance. With background in management consulting, government, higher education, psychotherapy, and entrepreneurship, I am able to draw on varied personal and professional experiences to help you attain your goals.

My educational background includes a BA in Economics from Franklin & Marshall College and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Miami University with emphases on personality assessment, group dynamics, and organizational consultation. I received advanced training through Emory University School of Medicine. I have served as a member of the faculty at Manhattan College, Princeton University, and The College of New Jersey. In addition to being licensed as a practicing psychologist, I fancy myself as a lifelong learner interested in applying psychological knowledge to outside-the-therapy room contexts; as such, I pursued and now am in the final phase for certification as a leadership and executive coach. Representative professional affiliations include the Society of Consulting Psychology, Mercer County Psychological Association, International Coaching Federation, and the Pennington Business & Professionals Association

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