EVENT - Education Inspiration: Contagious Connections

2/8/2018 6:30 pm – 08:30 pm | Campus Events

What if we could literally catch emotional wellness as easily as we catch the flu? (Hint: we can…and do!). Based on the bestselling book Strange Contagion, author and psychotherapist Lee Daniel Kravetz will be talking to the our community of educators and mental health professionals about how thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are highly contagious, how we often have no idea we’ve caught them, and the surprising ways they impact the way we raise and educate our children.

Fusion Academy believes in the power of positive relationships, connection, and inspiring each other. Join community professionals for an inspiring evening of networking, learning, and building community.

Bring your business cards and brochures to share and enjoy light appetizers and beverages. The first 30 people to arrive at the event will receive a signed copy of Strange Contagion. Let us know you will be there by registering below.

Event Location:
Chuck Jones Center for Creativity
3321 Hyland Ave,
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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