EVENT - Education Innovation Alliance Luncheon

8/3/2018 12:00 pm – 01:30 pm | Campus Events

In the North Shore, we’re uniquely positioned to bring some of the best minds together to advance outcomes for our students. Be it our 100-year-old institutions, entrepreneurial maker spaces or innovative private schools, our community has access to some of the best minds—and resources—in the country.

That’s the thinking behind a new alliance in the works between Fusion Academy Evanston and other education partners in the area. In the highly-competitive North Shore, it’s easy to see our peers in the education and innovation space as the competition. In reality, our eclectic group of schools, universities and organizations are our single greatest strength. Our richly populated educational community breeds the ability to collaborate and share ideas, and when we do, our community is better for it.

Take, for example, Fusion Academy Evanston. We’re a revolutionary one-to-one (one teacher, one student) school serving students for whom one size doesn’t fit all. We are a tremendous option to the students we serve. However, we’re not the only option, and there is no silver bullet. We’re highly skilled at what we do, and are thrilled to see transformational experiences in our students every day, but we’re stronger and better because of this immense network we call home.

In the world of education, it’s easy to be so keenly focused on our mission and vision that we fail to leverage the momentum taking place outside of our own walls. Imagine if each education leader in our community stepped outside their space for a day, and immersed themselves in a completely new environment—one with similar goals and expectations—to see how they’re making transformative student progress. The impact it could have on student outcomes in our community is boundless. While many local education leaders already do so, my hope is that more will follow their lead.

Through our new alliance, I welcome the opportunity to rally together to improve outcomes for our students and our community. I look forward to tackling the roadblocks I face with help of outside experts and peers who can offer new and different points of view.

Together, we will continue to enrich the lives of our youngest residents.



Event Location:
Farmhouse Evanston
703 Church St,
Evanston, IL 60201

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