EVENT - Community Education Night: Looking at Dyslexia and ADHD from a BrainWave Perspective

1/23/2019 6:30 pm – 08:00 pm | Campus Events

Fusion Academy Fairfield is excited to host Dr. Tom Woodman who will be speaking about dyslexia and ADHD from a BrainWave perspective.

Dyslexia is a reading disorder characterized by trouble reading despite normal intelligence, and often includes difficulties with spelling, reading quickly, writing, and comprehension.  ADHD is a mental disorder characterized by inattention, hyperactivity and impulsiveness.  Both conditions are felt to be influenced by both genetic and environmental factors, and both conditions will usually require long term management of some kind.

A relatively new approach to managing each of these conditions involves “neurofeedback therapy”, which is a unique form of brain exercise using EEG-Biofeedback. This therapy has demonstrated impressive outcomes in both conditions.  For dyslexia, a 2016 study showed “clinically significant improvement regarding the accuracy and comprehension reading as well as spelling”, and for ADHD, a 2014 study showed that neurofeedback not only outperformed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for attention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity, but that those improvements were maintained long after training stopped.  This presentation will look at these and other research in these areas, and then provide a simple overview of neurofeedback.

Dr. Tom Woodman is the director of Brain & Body Wellness of Norwalk, and offers qEEG-based neurofeedback therapy.  He is Board Certified in Neurofeedback, and is an Associate Fellow through Biofeedback Certification International Alliance.  Additionally, Dr. Woodman mentors those seeking Board Certification and teaches continuing education seminars for health professionals on the topic of functional brain development, neuroplasticity and neurofeedback. More information can be found at www.BrainAndBodyofNorwalk.com.

Join other parents and community members for this evening of learning in a casual atmosphere.

Bring friends, and any questions you may have.

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Event Location:
Fusion Academy Fairfield
777 Commerce Drive, Suite 100,
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