EVENT - Brain Boost Trivia

6/11/2018 5:30 pm – 07:00 pm | Campus Events

Let’s exercise our brain muscles together with some brain boosting trivia! Join Fusion Academy Houston Galleria for appetizers and some brain games to learn more about our new COGx program.

COGx is an individualized, in-person program to help students to strengthen cognitive skills. These cognitive skills are the foundation for learning. Examples of these skills are attention, working memory, processing speed, meta cognition, and many others! COGx strengthens those foundational cognitive skills that are the building blocks of learning which will help students learn more effectively and efficiently both inside and outside of the classroom.

We will be asking a series of fun, cognitively stimulating trivia questions and riddles to test your brain power. There will be prizes for the winners!

After trivia, we will open the conversation to discuss why cognitive training is critical for student success and how COGx can build neuroplasticity in powerful ways. We will include demonstrations and participation opportunities to highlight the program.

Please RSVP below because space is limited!

Event Location:
The Black Labrador
4100 Montrose Blvd,
Houston, TX 77006

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