Our Students

Gifted and Twice Exceptional (2E) Students

Learn how Fusion Academy provides different classroom accommodations and learning styles for gifted and twice exceptional (2E) students. Gifted, twice exceptional and other students who want to accelerate their learning thrive in Fusion Academy’s one-to-one classrooms. Beyond instruction, Fusion teachers will build a relationship with the student.

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Students with ADHD or ADD

Fusion Academy provides academic programs with social and emotional support for students with ADHD or ADD. A Fusion Academy classroom with just one student and one teacher provides an environment with less distractions than a traditional classroom with a number of students. Less distractions and a stronger teacher connection at Fusion addresses the student’s attention problems and hyperactivity.

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Students with Anxiety

Anxiety can be challenging especially for children in a traditional classroom setting. Anxiety can influence classroom performance just as much as any other learning disability. For older students, individual classroom accommodations can make all the difference. Fusion Academy’s one classroom, one teacher, one student provides solution for students faced with the academic, emotional and social challenges that come with anxiety.

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Students with Challenging Schedules

Learn how Fusion Academy provides different classroom accommodations and learning styles for middle and high school students with challenging schedules. Students with an athlete’s schedule, an actor’s schedule or need to schedule school around any issue can use Fusion Academy’s flexible scheduling. We understand the passion to pursue other opportunities while still receiving an accredited education. Flexibility in scheduling is part of Fusion Academy’s unique approach to individualized learning.

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