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Know a kid who feels lost in class?

We understand that there’s more to a child’s success than just their grades. We focus on building positive mentor relationships with students in order to pave the way for academic success. Our unique, one-to-one classrooms allow us to personalize curriculum and teach at each student’s pace in a way that helps them develop a love for learning and find their own success.

If you know a middle or high school student who is smart and capable, but not thriving – even miserable – connect with us by completing the form on this page. We’ll be happy to show you how our truly personalized approach to school changes the lives of our students and their families.

“Before I came to fusion, I was very depressed and school was the main source of my pain. I was afraid to ask questions in class because I was scared that people would think I was stupid by not understanding right away. Fusion Academy isn’t like regular school. It is somewhere where you can feel safe to be who you are and ask questions when you don’t understand because the teachers and students here are ready and willing to help you. Now that I am here at fusion, I am a happy person and I actually can see that I am not stupid like I thought; I am actually quite smart.”

-Kate Hornbach, Fusion Dallas, May 2015


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Fusion Academy is an accredited private school for grades 6-12. Watch this video to hear directly from our students, parents, teachers, and professional community why our one-to-one classrooms are so revolutionary.


Fusion teaches one to one. One student and one teacher.


We believe positive relationships are the key to unlocking the potential in every kid. Our one-to-one classrooms allow teachers to build positive mentor relationships with each student so they are best equipped to learn.

Fusion Homework Café

Homework Café®

No homework goes home, yes you read that correctly. Students complete all their homework with teacher assistance and supervision in our Homework Café® before they leave campus. The battle is over (imagine stress-free evenings).

Art, Music and Physical wellnes programs

Art and Music

While other schools are cutting their art and music programs, we offer a robust roster of elective courses for students to express their creativity in our mixed-media art studio and state-of-the-art recording studio.