Matt Robinson

English Teacher

Matt has been teaching at every level from pre-K to college. At the same time, he has maintained a career as a professional journalist and editor, having published over 5,000 pieces in more than 200 publications! For the past six years, he has also been the proud father of two amazing (and amazingly different) twin girls.


Among Matt’s other passions are boxing, which he also teaches, music (which he wrote at the start of his career, with a particular love for Jazz, the Great American Songbook, and so-called “Classic” Rock), and exploring and learning new things. In fact, he often says that the best part of being a teacher and a writer is that he has so much opportunity to get to learn about and with people.

Matt has been trying to teach his daughters the ways of English, Matt is well aware of how crazy and fluid a language it is and how perfection is not an appropriate goal. Rather, he prefers to try to find out how people can communicate most effectively and support them (and himself) in their efforts.