Alexa Jackson

Science Teacher

Alexa earned her BA in chemistry and economics from Wellesley College, where she became interested in studying tuberculosis, a deadly bacterial infection.  This interest was so strong that, after graduating, she moved to Durban, South Africa, a place where many people have tuberculosis, to research the proteins the bacteria produce when they become resistant to the drugs we use to treat the infection. It was an incredible year learning about biochemical research and South African culture and history. She then moved back to the Boston area, where she has been working in Harvard biomedical research labs ever since: first, as a technician in a tuberculosis lab, and then as a PhD student in an epigenetics lab (the study of how genes are turned off and on). Teaching is really important to her, so she’s stepped away from the lab temporarily to join the awesome Fusion community, where she hopes to learn as much about teaching as her student learn about science!


Alexa is interested in many types of science beyond biochemistry; at Fusion, she teaches chemistry, biology, earth sciences, forensic science, and is open to hearing any ideas for electives that students are interested in! She is also interested in science writing, policy, and the science of food and cooking – she organized a cooking and science competition for Harvard graduate students each fall from 2016 – 2018.


Outside of science, Alexa enjoys swimming, dance, cooking, hiking and spending time with her family, friends, and English Springer Spaniel, Maddy. J She is a regular platelets donor at Mass General Hospital and audience member at Boston Ballet.