Laura Snow

Science Department Head

Laura Snow is the super helpful Head of our Science Department, and an innovative teacher full of passion.  She inspires her students to want to go further and learn more, making science fun and exciting.  She creates lessons in the classroom which connect to the world outside, and the students turn some of those lessons into field trips and field research.

Laura earned a Bachelor of Science in Earth Science from Kean University and an Associates in the Arts in Music Performance from the County College of Morris.  Her science has led her to environmental issues, especially as impacting the ocean, and she has led a field trip of students back to the Cayman Islands in order to participate in research and take classes for credit. When she’s not in her classroom, she is with the kids, talking, playing music, or talking to students playing music!

Laura’s creativity leads her to find new ways to teach, and new ways to get involved with old problems.  She has collected and presented data concerning Marine Debris on Turtle Nesting Beaches, and leads students today to have the same sort of engagement.  She inspires the campus community to embrace the ways we can recycle by artistically repurposing papers to be note cards, making jewelry, changing our usage habits, and staying aware of our world.  Laura spearheaded the recycling program and her students find new ways to reduce our impact on the planet and at the same time she broke ground on the fusion garden, allowing students to make their biology lessons real, from mulch, to field, to plant, to mulch again!  Laura is at the heart of many of our campus wide initiatives, from field trips to pets, from scientific collaboration to cooking!

Laura loves just sitting outside enjoying nature.  She loves to throw a Frisbee around with her dogs, or her ferrets, not her fish, turtles, cats, but often with her family.  In other words, Laura seldom gets to just sit around outside. 

Finally, Laura has two mottos:  It’s the little things that make a BIG difference and Walt Disney’s maxim, “Believe in your dreams, no matter how impossible they seem.” They have carried her around the world and kept her in touch with her purpose in life to leave the world a better place.